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The Mitsubishi Evo X is the only version to run the 2. Kyle is not shy about the Evo ownership experience as he commutes and tracks the Mitsubishi on a semi-regular basis. Kyle has been on a horsepower quest for quite a while. He has already installed a host of aftermarket parts and we have chronicled some of his exploits here at Revved.

In lateKyle stepped up and set the stage for serious performance by dropping a fully built 4B in the engine bay of his Wicked White Evo.

At this stage of the game his engine and driveline were built to the hilt, making it clear to see that the stock snail could never keep pace. A bigger turbo was needed. We reached out to Garrett for a turbo that could make the built engine hustle.

4b11t max hp

Coltey was quick to point to the GTXR. Coltey said the GTX was chock full of innovation. These benefits are key for a turbo that has an eye on the time attack circuit.


To maximize the tuning potential of this combination, Fuel Injector Clinic recommended a set of its massive 2, cc injectors. These extra steps ensure that injectors fuel each cylinder equally and allows for easy, straightforward tuning, with great results.

Jilg says the injectors are suitable for use with both gasoline and E85, so Kyle will have the option of using either type of fuel. He cautioned that the only thing to note is that these injectors are not compatible with fuels that have the additive MTBE in them. He also indicated alcohol-based fuels like E85 are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb water, so it is important to take some preventative measures to avoid issues that can result from the water entering the system and leading to corrosion inside the injectors and other fuel system components.

If you are going to store the vehicle for a period of time we recommend storing it with gasoline in the tank. He attempted to fix it numerous times between track weekends with little luck. With so much riding on the build, Moroso stepped up and sent us one of their Evo X oil pans. The oil pan is the perfect combination of race tech and street cred.

A common thread of these racers was their ability to datalog, and complaints of oil pressure problems. From the get-go our proto-pan took care of the oil pressure fluctuations that these two racers were seeing before using our oil pan.The Mitsubishi 4G63T is the legendary 2. The 4G63 turbo engine is well known for being used in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series of cars up until when it was replaced by the new 4B11T turbo engine. The engine has a cast iron cylinder block with the height of mm, strong and durable crankshaft, and light mm long forged connecting rods.

The engine block was equipped with oil jets for cooling pistons. The compression ration also was lowered. On top of the block, there is a valve aluminum cylinder head with belt driven double overhead camshafts DOHC head. The intake and exhaust systems were significantly redeveloped. The cylinder head has reworked exhaust and intake ports. The engine received the new intake manifold and throttle body with 60 mm throttle valve.

The cast iron exhaust manifold was adapted for turbocharger installation. After turbocharger, the compressed intake air is cooled by the large intercooler. The Mitsubishi produced three generations of the 4G63T, each time making some changes to increase power and efficiency.

Let's take a closer look at them. It has a 7. The max boost was 0. This version produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft Nm at 3, rpm but in by simple ECU upgrading the max power was raised up to hp.

The serious changes were released in for the Evolution application. The 4G63T got the new injectors, larger intercooler, new light connecting rods and another turbocharger came with manual gearboxes - the TD05 16G 60 mm compressor wheel. The compression was increased to 8. The max torque is lb-ft Nm at 3, rpm. The Evolution III had raised the compression ratio to 9. That allowed to increased power to hp at 6, rpm the max torque is the same.

Now the engine was relocated on the right side in the engine bay. Positions of the flywheel and cam drive of the engine have changed compared to previous G1 versions. The G2 engine had a new cylinder head with reshaped exhaust and intake ports, ?? The intake system also was revised. There are a new intake manifold and throttle body with 52 mm valve.

There is a laminated steel gasket between the engine block and cylinder head now. For Evolution VI, the engineers improved engine cooling.

The engine specs for Evo V and VI are identical - hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft Nm at 2, rpm. It produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft Nm at 2, rpm. The engine also was equipped with big air-to-air intercooler with water spray nozzles in front of it, and the oil cooler. This engine had a lightweight crankshaft The power output was improved - hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft Nm at 3, rpm.

The final version produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft Nm at 3, rpm. The common problems are the same as the non-turbo engine has. The engine needs extra attention to the oil system. Use only high-quality engine oil and change it regularly. The overrun oil can plug oil channels to the bearings of the balance shafts. The jammed shafts due to damaged bearings will break the timing belt which caused a huge mess of pistons and valves inside combustion chambers.The Mitsubishi 2.

The manufacturer was forced to abandon the proven 4G6 engine due to the new, more stringent emission requirements. The 4B11 now is an all-aluminum engine with the newest electronic systems available for the last 4G6 generation. The Mitsubishi 4B11 engine has an aluminum cylinder block.

The new engine block has "square" dimensions - bore and stroke are measured the same 86 mm. The engine is well balanced and has a free-revving character. That also gave the ability to eliminate the balance shafts. The new valve DOHC aluminum cylinder head is placed on top of the cylinder block. The engine now uses a timing chain to drive both camshafts instead of a timing belt. For weight reduction, the engine was equipped with plastic cylinder head cover and plastic intake manifold non-turbo version.

The engine still has an electronically controlled multi-point fuel injection system and new electronic ignition with iridium spark plugs and individual ignition coils to lower emissions. Despite the fact that this is a joint project, their engines have some unique features and are not interchangeable. Engineers also developed the 2. The new 2. The engine block has a semi-closed deck design unlike the cast iron block with a solid-deck design of the 4G The engine block height is a mm; the cylinder spacing is a 96 mm.

Like the 4G63T, the block is equipped with oil jets for cooling forged aluminum pistons made by Mahle. The connecting rod's length now is The bottom end features a four-bolt main cap and a two-piece oil pan design increases block rigidity.

The engine uses valve 4 valves per cylinder head with chain-driven camshafts. The diameter of the intake valves is The third-gen 4G63 cylinder head had percent better intake airflow over the 4B11 head due to smaller higher-velocity ports. But it gives to 4B11T a quicker response at lower and mid engine speeds.

The plastic cylinder head cover was replaced with aluminum one. The exhaust manifold is made of stainless steel. The 4B11 engine is noisy.Includes core charge for a new OEM 4B11 shipped to your door. Perfectly round big and small ends. Bend and twist is tightly controlled. Total Seal is the leader in piston ring innovation and technology. Their quality control is unsurpassed. Total Seal rings have superior sealing and produce maximum horsepower. Buschur Racing worked very closely with JE in the development process allowing them to get everything done to their high specifications.

Compression Ratio: Stock 9. Additionally, each application uses a unique forging to minimize weight and ensure the strongest possible piston design. In this environment, the higher compression ratios, highest boost or heavy nitrous usage necessitate the higher tensile strength aluminum alloy.

Complete set of 4 pistons, rings and pins. Available Sizes: 86mm, Available for 4B11 86mm and They also contain an under hook style, cast iron, phosphate-coated, taper-faced second ring. Oil rings in the XX sets are 3-piece assemblies with gas-nitrided rails and a stainless steel, flex-vent spacer.

Price is for ONE piston ring set. Upgrade to this metal pulley before your plastic one breaks! Old part number was MN, Supersceeded to current A Centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are nominally rated atpsi. Manufactured with hex broach end for ease of installation. ARP's premium grade chrome moly steel rod bolts will keep your rods strong where it really counts. Sold in a set of 4 bolts. Universal Application Manley Rods. Additionally, a thin layer of oil lubricates the connection between the bearings and the crank allowing the crank to "float" and reduce wear.

Proper support via main bearings is crucial to prevent oscillations and wear that can damage the crankshaft and other components as the motor moves further out of balance.

They prevent the crankshaft from moving around, thus keeping it in line with all of the other critical moving engine parts. It also helps the crankshaft to better stand up to stresses from clutch and flywheel operation. Cosworth Race bearings sets are available in three sizes to accommodate most applications. Factory mounting bolts are available in the purchase menu. The mounting bolts are sold individually as needed.

Constructed from stainless steel with a folded stopper layer, each application features superior sealing compared to conventional multi layer steel gaskets and manufactured from pre-coated die cut stainless steel resulting in uniform coating distribution and consistent shape. If you can't find what you need, just give us a call anytime, and we can track down it for you!Change can be difficult. While few embrace it, change must happen in order to evolve and improve.

When EVO fans discovered their beloved 4G63 would be replaced with an all-aluminum engineoutrage ensued. Many questioned why Mitsubishi did away with an iconic and nearly indestructible engine that has set records for the last two decades.

The reason was simple: new, more-stringent emission requirements. Detuned to meet these limits, the 4G63 engine would max out at horsepower. The biggest change made to the EVO heritage was the move to an all- aluminum short block.

4b11t max hp

One of the obvious advantages of the aluminum bottom end is weight savings. The new EVO engine weighs 26 lbs less than the 4G In addition, the superior thermal efficiency of aluminum increases heat transfer to the cooling system. As a result, cooler piston and oil temperatures improve engine durability and longevity.

The cast-iron 4G63 engine, seen in previous EVO platforms, has proven to withstand high-horsepower production. Although cast-iron offers a substantial benefit in strength over aluminum, Mitsubishi took the necessary steps to ensure the durability of the 4B11T bottom end.

First off, the bottom end features a four-bolt main cap to ensure the crankshaft is secured in place. The block deck is semi-closed to resist cylinder wall distortion at increased boost levels.

Furthermore, a two-piece oil pan design increases block rigidity and prevents the block from twisting and flexing at high-RPM operation. The 4B11T with a semi-closed deck design compared to the solid- deck design of the 4G In stock trim the 4B11T engine generates substantially better low- end and mid-range power than the 4G63 engine.

Garrett Turbo Install And Dyno Tuning Ups Our Evo X To 530+ WHP!

The 4B11 also realizes a With light tuning intake, exhaust, downpipe, camshaft, intercooler upgrade and reflasha difference of only 3.

Future modifications include higher lift and longer duration camshafts as well as a larger turbocharger and a high-octane retune.The cylinder block and other basic structural parts of the engine were jointly developed by the GEMA companies, but the intake and exhaust manifoldsthe cylinder head 's intake and exhaust ports, and other elements related to engine tuning were independently developed by Mitsubishi. All engines developed within this family have aluminium cylinder block and head, 4 valves per cylinderdouble overhead camshaft layouts, and MIVEC continuous variable valve timing.

All variations of 4B1 engine share the same engine block with a 96 mm bore pitch. The difference in displacement is achieved by variance in bore and stroke. The 4B1 engine family is the first to have the continuously variable valve timing MIVEC system applied not only to its intake valves but also to its exhaust valves.

The intake and exhaust cam timing is continuously independently controlled and provide four optimized engine operating modes. Mitsubishi used a timing chain instead of a belt for better reliability and iridium spark plugs to lower emissions and to help extend major service intervals for lower cost of ownership. To reduce weight, Mitsubishi used a plastic cam cover and intake manifold and double-layer stainless steel exhaust manifold.

The exhaust manifold has a rear location on the transverse enginecompared to the front location for the previous engine, yielding important benefits such as better emissions performance. To lower vibration, Mitsubishi used a 4-point inertial axis system with cylindrical hydraulic engine mounts on the left and right sides.

A lightweight, high-rigidity squeeze-cast aluminium bracket on the right side mount engine side lowers engine noise under acceleration. A lightweight, high-rigidity steel plate bracket on the left side mount transmission side lowers gear noise.

A custom-tuned insulator was developed for the front and rear mounts to help control both idle vibration and acceleration shock. The 4B11T is the first engine in the Lancer Evolution series that uses a die-cast aluminium cylinder block versus the cast-iron block used in the previous turbocharged 4G63 engine that powered all previous models.

A revised turbocharger offers up to percent quicker response at lower engine speeds compared to previous 4G A semi-closed deck structure, an integrated ladder frame and four-bolt main bearing caps contribute to engine strength, durability, and lower NVH levels.

Unlike the 4G63, the 4B11T does not use a balancer shaft. The semi-floating pistons of the 4G63 have been replaced with fully floating pistons for the 4B11T. Aluminium is also used for the timing chain case and cylinder head cover. The engine features an electronically controlled throttle, an isometric short port aluminium intake manifoldand the stainless steel exhaust manifold is positioned at the rear of the engine.

The use of a direct-acting valvetrain eliminates the need of the roller rocker arm configuration previously used in the 4G The 4B11T features built-up hollow camshafts and its valve stem seals are integrated with the spring seats. The internal components of the 4B11T engine have been reinforced to withstand high levels of boost. The cylinder head intake and exhaust ports and intake and exhaust manifolds are shape optimized for better volumetric efficiency.

Mitsubishi lowered the friction of the engine by including elastic grinding of the valve stems, adopting a high-efficiency shroud equipped plastic impeller in the water pump and using 0W low- viscosity oil. Mitsubishi increased the combustion efficiency by optimizing the design of the cylinder head intake and exhaust ports, by incorporating the MIVEC system on both intake and exhaust valves and by using injectors that give an ultra micro droplet fuel spray.

To lower the engine's weight, Mitsubishi used die-cast aluminium for the cylinder block, plastic for the cylinder head cover and intake manifold, and stainless steel for the exhaust manifold. The engine features a compact balancer shaft module with an integrated oil pump. A silent chain is used to drive the camshafts. The compact balancer module, the silent chain, the stable combustion yielded by the intake and exhaust MIVEC system, and high rigidity designs for the cylinder head and cylinder block realize low vibration and noise.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Mitsubishi Motors technologies.

How To Rebuild A Car Engine (4B11T)

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4b11t max hp

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